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Road Inc. is a classic-car enthusiast’s dream app Bob Tedeschi, the NY Times

Now featuring 50 iconic cars!
The Road Inc. app for iPad is the first digital object dedicated to the automobile.

Blending tradition with advanced technology, Road Inc. offers a whole new editorial experience,
richer than the heaviest book, deeper than a film collection and more immersive than a video game.


Rich & unequalled.

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By the numbers

  • 50 previously unseen 3D interactive reconstitutions
  • 50 soundtracks
  • 50 detailed fact sheets
  • 200 pages of original writing
  • 500 studio photographs taken by the world’s best photographers
  • 2,000 location photographs
  • 180 press cuttings
  • 60 examples of correspondence
  • 200 period advertisements brochures
  • 150 factory schematics
  • 80 sketches
  • 150 engine noise samples
  • 40 maintenance manuals
  • 25 yearbooks
  • 75 video extracts (films, interviews, documentaries, etc.)


Sensational and intuitive.

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Immersive experience

Road Inc. provides a unique, fluid and intuitive user experience, allowing for an object-like navigation. The app is not just a simple reproduction of reality but rather a continuation in which technology takes a back seat to the immersion that it provides thanks to an extensive groundwork in physical simulations and thorough research of the behavior of objects.

  • Interface.
    Drag the folder from the bottom to reveal it and explore the car's history, features and media.
  • Interface.
    Drag the wooden tab to the right to reveal the Library.
  • Interface.
    Expand image groups to dive into rich visual sections.
  • Interface.
    Tap to hear incredible engine melodies and roars!

Digital imagery.

Advanced visuals.

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Stunning 3d models and illustrations

We believe there is no color such as black or white, nothing such as straight lines or flat surfaces. In hazy hues, Vermeer gradients, seizable textures, dazzling chrome and deep shadows we trust.

Putting the most advanced software and technique in the hands of the best talents, Road pushes the limits of 3D and 2D aesthetics, delivering unequaled state-of-the-art imagery. From the modeling to the quality of lighting, the choice of textures to color adjustments, the result is an experience never seen before in the domain of interactive applications

Curation, craftmanship and expertise.

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  • Curation, craftmanship and expertise.


    Assembled as a dynamic journey through an imaginary museum, the creative and archival elements of Road Inc. immerse the user into a narrative where history, design, science and emotions meet.
    And our doors never close.

  • Curation, craftmanship and expertise.

    Craftsmanship on display

    The best craftsmen have selected the softest leathers, most precious wood specimens and rarest papers in order to create unique digital design pieces, conceived to provide the user with a true feeling of object-ownership. We call it digital luxury.

  • Curation, craftmanship and expertise.

    Thematic expertise

    From 3D models to feature essays, from shock absorber clearance to engine sounds, a vast team of specialists, journalists and collectors have contributed to make Road the most accurate and up-to-date reflection of automotive expertise.

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iPhone app.

Coming soon!

iPhone app.

More mobile than ever!

Road Inc., the first digital object dedicated to the automobile is coming to the iPhone! With new cars, new features and an optimized user interface you'll enjoy the unequalled and rich content of Road Inc anywhere.